“Ratso is the only guitar teacher I have ever had, and I have been able to live my dreams in the music industry as a result. Of course his talent for teaching music helped prepare me for the big stage, but it is what he taught me “in between the notes” that made the real difference–professionally and personally. Lessons with Ratso are not just studies in music, but lessons in life. Because of the person that he is, he inspires his students to develop good character, maintain positive values, and become good role models for others. These are the not-so-simple lessons that lead to real success in life, and I know of no better teacher to guide that process than Ratso.”

“Ratso is the one guitar instructor who made all the difference for our son Jonathan. Why? First, he teaches music, so Jon benefitted from the great tradition of Ratso’s own teacher, legendary jazzman Sal Salvador, who passed onto Ratso a wealth of universal musical knowledge independent of any style. Second, Jon learned that the guitar is a highly technical instrument and after unlearning all of the bad habits he’d previously picked up, his playing became fluid and effortless. Ratso’s ability to share knowledge, teach technique, and inject fun — combined with a student’s desire to learn — leads to success in playing.”

“Our son, an enthusiastic guitar player, started taking lessons with Ratso when he was 16. Within a year, he was performing solos in his high school jazz band normally reserved for older students, became an integral member of the jazz band and one of the reason it won competitions. He was awarded ‘Outstanding Solo Performance’ at a high school competition at the prestigious Berklee School of Music. His band teacher commented on how much improved his note reading, fingering, and understanding of music theory was — all because of Ratso’s instruction.

“Ratso is a taskmaster who asks students to practice drills and other fundamentals before playing the music they desire. Ratso encouraged our son to perform in a band he would’ve never had access to without Ratso’s support. We firmly believe that it was Ratso’s influence that grew our son’s interest in music from a hobby to a passion. Ratso finds the best in every student. Our family considers Ratso a lifelong friend, and his kindness and willingness to share his world with our son has been a tremendous gift.”


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